Windows are given energy ratings based on their ability to insulate your home. These are displayed on a colour scale ranging from ‘A+’ (Purple) to ‘G’ (Burgundy), with ‘G’ being the least energy efficient and ‘A’ the most energy efficient.

Putting the style back into your home with ECOSlide will make your home a warmer and more comfortable place to live, saving on your energy bills year on year.

ECOSlide sash windows are ‘A’ rated as standard.

Impressive weather performance

Independently tested at a UKAS test house our ECOSlide window has been evaluated in accordance with BS.6375 Part 1 “Performance of Windows: Classification for Weathertightness” against the test assessment methods laid down in BS.5368 (Air Permeability, Watertightness and Wind Resistance) and has achieved outstanding results. The figures achieved indicate that the tested Weather Performance Rating for our ECOSlide vertical sliding sash window will meet “Severe” weather conditions.